Rookie Ball Local Rules

Rookie Ball play shall be governed by the current Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Operating Policies as published by Little League Baseball, Incorporated and the following Local Rules adopted by the EMNLL Board of Directors:

1.       Game times will be as follows:

a.       Weeknight games - All games held on Tuesdays at 5:30 PM or 7:00 PM. A time limit of 1 hour and 15 minutes shall apply. No new at bat shall be allowed once time expires. For avoidance of doubt, an at bat shall finish once begun even if time has expired.

b.      Weekend games - A time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes shall apply. No new inning shall be allowed once time expires. For avoidance of doubt, an inning shall finish once begun even if time has expired. 

c.      Playoff games - A time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes shall apply. No new inning shall be allowed once time expires. For avoidance of doubt, an inning shall finish once begun even if time has expired. 

2.       There will be a four (4) run limit per inning for innings one through five. The sixth inning shall have no run limit.

3.       A continuous batting order shall be utilized. Players may leave and re-enter the game provided that each player sits out no more than two defensive innings in a game. (See Little League Rules 4.01 and 4.04)

4.       The pitching machine will be set at 40 MPH, with a distance of 46 feet from the back of home plate to the center of the machine. The accuracy can be set at each half-inning or at the umpire's discretion.

5.       Each batter will be limited to five (5) pitches or three (3) strikes. If on the fifth or last pitch, the batter fouls the ball, an additional pitch will be allowed. The batter will continue to receive an additional pitch until a pitch is missed or the ball is put in play.

a.      Exception: Foul Tip third strike.

6.       The pitcher must be positioned to the right or left of the pitching machine with one foot either on or inside the 12 foot circle. The inside foot cannot be closer than 5 feet of the machine for safety purposes.

7.       Each team is allowed one (1) head coach and two (2) assistant coaches on the field and in the dugout at any time. No one else is allowed in the dugout or on the field before, during, or after the game.

8.       Each team is allowed an additional certified coach / volunteer to pitch using the pitching machine.

9.       The infield fly rule shall not apply.

10.     No bunting. A bunt shall be called a swinging strike.

11.     A batted ball must travel fifteen (15) feet or a foul ball will be called. A batted ball that rests on the 15 foot line is a fair ball. Any ball that touches a player before touching or passing the 15 foot line will be called a foul ball.

12.     Play will cease and time out called when:

a.        A defensive player returns the ball into the possession of any defensive player occupying the twelve (12) foot circle.

b.        A defensive player in possession of the ball stops the advancement of the lead runner. If the defensive player makes a play on any runner other than the lead runner before time is called, play shall continue.

c.        A defensive player, while occupying the 12 foot circle, does not make a play on any runner based on the umpire's judgment.

d.        A thrown ball lodges underneath the pitching machine.

e.        A batted ball hits or lodges underneath the pitching machine.

f.        After an attempted play at any base where the ball is overthrown, and the lead runner reaches one additional base beyond the base he had acquired at the time of the overthrow.  All runners may advance at their own risk a maximum of one base after an overthrow.  No "compound overthrows".

13.     When time is called because of section 12, runners will be affected as follows:

a.       The batter-runner will be awarded first base if 12 e. occurs. Any runner(s) forced because of the batter-runner will be awarded the next base.

b.      Any runner judged to have crossed the half way mark will be awarded the next base except when the lead runner currently occupies the base. Lead runner will affect all trailing runners except when forced to advance.

14.     The Umpire shall warn any batter that slings the bat in a manner that is dangerous to participants on the field. The next violation, by the same player, will result in an out for that player for the game in progress.

15.     One defensive and one offensive time-out will be allowed per half inning.

16.     Games will end when one of the following occurs (See Little League Rule 4.10 for additional details):

a.       6 innings are completed ( 5 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead).

b.       The run rule is met.  A team is ahead by 15 runs after 3 innings or 10 runs after 4 innings.

c.       Time expires and the last at bat (weeknight games) / inning (weekend games) is completed.

d.       The game is called by the umpires due to weather conditions.

17.     The position of Catcher must be filled at all times by a uniformed player wearing approved catching gear (see Little League Rules 1.12 and 1.17). Coaches are not allowed to catch.

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