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Local League Rules

All League play shall be governed by the current Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Operating Policies as published by Little League Baseball, Incorporated and the following Local Rules adopted by the EMNLL Board of Directors:

1.       All players are required to wear a facemask on batting helmets.  EXCEPTION:  Players in the Major League, Intermediate Division, Junior League, or Senior League have the option of wearing a facemask.

2.       A batter who throws or slings a bat during or after an at bat, as judged by the umpire, shall be giving a warning on the first occurrence.  On the second occurrence of a thrown or slung bat by the same batter in the same game, the ball is dead and the batter shall be called out.  No runners shall advance.

3.       The following rules shall apply for determining standings for Rookie Ball divisions and above.

a.     Standings are determined by the system using a point scale as described below.  Teams are ordered according to points.  The team with the highest number of points is ordered first followed by the remaining teams in descending order of points.  In the case of a tie in the standings, the system will sort ties alphabetically.

i. Win = 3 points
ii. Tie = 1 point
iii. Loss = 0 points

b. For purposes of seeding in an end of season tournament or playoff, the following tiebreaker rules will apply in the order listed.

i. Head to head record
ii. Average runs allowed (total runs allowed / games played)
iii. Average runs scored (total runs scored / games played)
iv. Coin flip

4.       Artificial noisemakers, including but not limited to megaphones, cow bells, thunder sticks, air horns, and sirens, are not allowed during games.  EXCEPTION: Walkup music is allowed before the batter enters the batter’s box.

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