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Farm Ball play shall be governed by the current Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Operating Policies as published by Little League Baseball, Incorporated and the following Local Rules adopted by the EMNLL Board of Directors:

1. A time limit of 60 minutes shall apply for all games.

2. 5 pitches max per at bat.

3. 3 swinging strikes or 5 pitches with no ball in play, batter hits from tee.

4. Coach pitches to batter overhand from one knee.

5. No Hit by Pitch.

6. No Walks.

7. No Bunting.

8. Ball must pass 10’ line or it is considered a foul ball.

9. Max 4 runs per inning.

10. Max 4 innings.

11. Use of the scoreboard.

12. Inning ends when 3 outs are recorded or max runs have been scored.

13. Outs will be recorded.

14. Runners allowed only # of bases batter advances – single for batter (1 base for each runner max) – double for batter (2 bases for each batter max), etc.

15. If the batter hits the ball and it hits the coach pitching, ball is dead and batter gets first base, runners advanced if forced.

16. Player at position of Pitcher must wear a face mask.

17. Base runners do not run the bases to clear the bases at the end of an inning.

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