Board of Directors

East Marietta National Little League is an all volunteer organization.  The organization is led by the Board of Directors who are elected by the general members each year.

East Marietta National Little League Board of Directors for 2021:

  President- Charles Navratil
  Vice President - Alan Wrenn
  Secretary/Treasurer - Hunter Lane
  Player Agent - Kelvin & Chantal Jimenez
  Safety officer - Sandy Bell
 Umpire in Chief - Randy Riggs

Information Officer, Tee Ball/Farm Commissioner - Travis Cabrera
 Coaching Coordinator - Greg Buchanan
  Fundraising/Concessions - Carrie Navratil
  Marketing - Schuyler Baehman
 Rookie Commissioner - Kent Brown
  Minor Commissioner - Fred Pearse
  Major Commissioner - Gary Lammie
  Junior/Senior Commissioner -*Open*
 Master Scheduler - Jackie Nass
 Volunteer Coordinator - Ning Wang
 Equipment Manager - Donna Musterer

Board Meetings

The next Board Meeting for East Marietta National Little League meets regularly in the Field 3 clubhouse.

E-mail [email protected] for next scheduled meeting.

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