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East Marietta National Little League COVID-19 Policy

East Marietta National Little League (EMNLL) is committed to keeping our players, families and volunteers as safe as possible.  We are looking forward to our season and will consider all alternatives if COVID-19 cases impact play.

Equipment Guidelines
- There will be no shared equipment provided. EMNLL will provide each team one set of catcher’s gear that can be used by one player, per game. Any additional catcher for that game, must provide their own personal catcher’s gear.
- Players are required to wear PPE off the field.  Players are strongly encouraged to wear PPE on the field.  Coaches and players will be provided one PPE (face covering) with their uniforms.  
- Any volunteer having direct interaction with players are required to wear PPE at all times (Coaches and Team Parents)
- Umpires are required to wear PPE at all times

Event (Practice, Game, Scrimmage) Guidelines
- Any person exhibiting COVID-19 or flu like symptoms is prohibited from attending events. Parents should take temperatures before departing for the park.
- All participants, coaches and spectators should maintain 6’ distancing at the park.
- Spectators are encouraged to wear PPE.
- Sunflower seeds and gum will NOT be allowed on or off the field by players, coaches, umpires or spectators. 
- Teams will wave their hats to one another at the end of the game, no handshakes or high fives allowed.
- Team meetings should be limited and socially distanced; players and coaches are required to wear masks during team meetings.
- Players should provide their own snacks and drinks.
- Dugouts and bleachers should be utilized while the team is at bat to maintain 6’ distancing off the field and will be marked off to maintain social distancing.
- Spectators should provide their own seating.
- Each team will assign an individual to monitor these guidelines and keep attendance for contact tracing, we will provide each team hand sanitizer to utilize before and during events if necessary.

- Evaluation time slots will be added to allow for greater social distancing, players will be required to wear PPE during evaluations.

Notification Guidelines
- If any member of the league, to include players, families and volunteers, tests positive for COVID-19 during the season they are to notify their Team Manager.  The Team Manager is responsible for notifying their team and a member of the EMNLL Board of Directors (BOD). 
- EMNLL BoD will communicate to all Team Managers the details of the case (while respecting the privacy of the individual).  The Team Manager will share this information with their team.
- If a team has a player with a positive test within 48 hours of their last team event (game or practice) EMNLL will require that team to quarantine per CDC guidelines (10 days from exposure without testing or 7 days with negative test).  If team members were wearing a mask at all times (on and off the field) and if players were not within 6’ for a total of 15 minutes or more, quarantining is not required. If last team event was a game, the opposing team will be subject to same guidelines.

We appreciate your adherence with the guidelines.  It is critically important that we work together to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

EMNLL Board of Directors

Complete East Marietta National Little League Reopening Guideline

These guidelines are based on the guidelines provided by Little League International.

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